Today transportation of dangerous goods is becoming more and more regulated and with the changes in penalties for non-compliance, the team at Al Sahra Transport strives to offer a premium service specializing in the safe transport of dangerous goods. We ensure to take the worry out of being compliant with our trustworthy dangerous goods transportation services.

Dangerous Goods Transportation

We provide transportation for all nine classes of dangerous goods across the global network road. Our expertly trained staff and specialized equipment and vehicles enable us to transport all nine classes of dangerous goods. While providing safe, secure freight services for hazardous substances we comply with the regional, national and international regulatory schemes applicable in the communities we work in.

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As your go-to international and local transportation logistics solutions we work hard to deliver optimal logistics within the MENA region and strength our core services with accreditation, facilities and systems that enable the safe transport of dangerous goods.

With more than over 20 years of experience in the transporting dangerous goods, we are fully certified to carry dangerous goods via road. Our fully trained staff provides one-stop turnkey dangerous goods solutions for your cargoes and handles storage services of dangerous goods. We also have state of the art dangerous goods storage facilities at key locations in MENA region.

Al Sahra Transport offers a wide variety of services to clients from around the globe. Transporting dangerous goods is a complex procedure that necessitates detailed understanding and knowledge of the relevant rules.

The emphasis of our company is to provide complete dangerous goods logistics service to our clients and thus we offer a wide variety of services that helps support and reassures our customers with all aspects of handling dangerous goods.