Al Sahra Transport offers one of the best services on perishable goods transportation in the industry. Nowadays, worldwide consumers expect the fresh food and international flavors. But it is not an easy task to keeping the perishable goods fresh from one country to another country with excellent condition. So, we have to make sure the quality system from starting to ending of the transportation.

Perishable Goods Transportation

We can transport perishable goods by using refrigerated containers, refrigerated road vehicles and many other forms of refrigerated transport systems to distribute frozen and chilled foods across the world.

Transporting perishable goods is a complicated task. We have to deal with the time and temperature constraints. But with our expert team, we can transport perishable goods with the perfect environmental setup and timely delivery. Al Sahra Transport has the strong experience in transporting perishable goods.

What are perishable goods? Perishable goods are generally referred as products that must be used within a short period of time or which quality deteriorates due to environmental conditions (such as weather or chemical reactions) through time. They are called as Perishable goods.

The following products are the best examples for perishable goods: Meat, Fish, Food Items, Fruits & Vegetables, Live Animals, Fresh Cut Flowers, Confectionery, Dairy Products, Live Plants, Hatching Eggs and many more.

The 3 main factors for the better perishable goods transportation are: - Temperature - Isolation and - Time

Temperature: Perishable goods transportation is regulated by the agreement on the international carriage of perishable food stuffs an on the special equipment to be used for such Carriage (ATP Treaty). It establishes the standards to guarantee optimal conditions for transporting foods for consumption.

Perishable Goods Transportation - Perishable Goods Transport

We can transport perishable goods in an ideal temperature. Below vehicles makes this process easy:

Refrigerated: Refrigerated transport vehicle has a non-mechanical cold source that can reduce the interior temperature and maintain it for 30 degrees to -20 degrees average exterior temperature.

Isothermal: Isothermal transport vehicle controls the exchange of heat between the interior and the exterior of the vehicles. It has isolating walls, floor, ceiling and doors.

Freezer: Freezer transport vehicle maintains a consistent temperature between -12 degrees and -2 degrees. It has a cold production mechanism to reduce the interior temperature of the empty space.

We service international and local transportation logistics solutions within the MENA region. We maintain flexible and tailor made road services to meet the customers' needs. We provide a one stop solution for domestic and international logistic services.