Pre-Fabricated House TRANSPORTATION

At Al Sahra Transport we provide pre-fabricated house transportation services. pre-fabricated house are preferred over the construction of apartment blocks, and housing developments with repeated. Our team transports pre-fabricated housing for office blocks, warehouses and factory buildings. These Pre-fabricated steel and glass modular wall sections used for the exterior of large buildings allows buildings complex thermal insulation, window frame components on an assembly line, which ultimately tends to improve quality of over on-site construction.

Pre-Fabricated House TransportationWe are trusted for international and local transportation logistics solutions within the MENA region. While ensuring client satisfaction we are passionate about offering the best customer service. We are undoubtedly your one stop solution for domestic and international logistic services. Our pre-fabricated house transportation saves engineering time on the construction site in civil engineering projects. Our transport services for pre-fabricated house elements and systems offers building designers and contractors significant advantages in terms of construction time, safety, environmental impact, constructability, and cost.

Al Sahra Transport handles the transport of pre-fabricated houses using equipment which is specially tailored for this kind of logistics. Here we take care not only of the proper transport process and on-schedule delivery to the building site, but also of the required special permits for transporting extra-long heavy loads.

We are providing secure services from over 20 years to our customers. If you are a manufacturer or retailer, a business in need of additional space, or a homeowner, Al Sahra Transport has the expertise and international network to move your house or modular building safely and on-time so it arrives to its destination in perfect condition. If you are worried whether it can be transported by a truck, or if it can't, leave it to us. Al Sahra Transport has professional operators and equipment to move it for you with certainty.