If you are looking for Reefer Trucks with Temp Control for your sensitive freight, you can trust us. At Al Sahra Transport we offer an array of surface solutions to meet your needs of Reefer Trucks with Temperature Control.

Reefer Trucks

Refrigerated Truck or Reefer Trucks as they are better known are Van and Trucks that include a refrigeration unit on the cargo area to maintain specific climate for temperature-sensitive goods.

For over 20 years Al Sahra Transport has specialized in the transportation of durable, vehicle engine powered mobile refrigeration systems for safe delivery of your fresh and frozen products.

Our line of Reefer Trucks with Temp Control is continuously updated and improved to meet the requirements of today's competitive markets.

With our extensive network providing coverage throughout the MENA region covering the Middle East and Northern Africa which offers both transportation and on-going service support, Reefer Trucks with Temp Control gives you the peace of mind and confidence you require to support your mobile refrigeration needs.

At Al Sahra Transport, we understand the importance of Reefer Trucks with temp control services for the time-sensitive perishables supply chain. Our responsibility involves moving perishables with the highest efficiency, retaining freshness and natural qualities from the point of produce to warehouses, to distributors and retail customers.

At Al Sahra Transport we offer a seamless truck transportation chain for perishables and food items. We leverage controlled temperature reefer technology to increase product quality, shelf life, and decrease dehydration.

At Al Sahra Transport, we consider our driving staff as our most critical asset as they carry the products ensuring quality and safety. They are trained in practices for safe driving and maintaining the specified temperature throughout the transportation run, and they ensure product integrity and on-time delivery through responsible time and temperature management.