At Al Sahra Transport, we strive to offer reliable vehicle and boat transportation services to meet all shipping needs of our clients. We work with oversized transporters?to provide heavy haul transportation services in the MENA region better known as the Greater Middle East.

Vehicle & Boat Transportation

Our skilled and experienced team includes avid boaters and they know the boating industry very well. Al Sahra Transportation provides vehicle and boat transportation services to any within GCC & Levant destination. We are one of the most experienced team with over 20 years of experience in vehicle and boat?transportation. Our professional and highly skilled staff takes great pride in making our company a leader in the worldwide boat and vehicle transportation industry. We take pride in being a one of the quickest, safest vehicle transport companies!

Vehicle Transport Services - Multi Car Carrier MCC - Boat Transport Services

Are you looking to move your boat from its present location to another? Al Sahra Transportation is the best option to hire a boat transport service. With the right equipment and the right expertise our team will do it for you. While owning a boat can be lots of fun, transporting it from one location to another can prove quite challenging. Our team is trained for the hauling a boat over land or sea which is a risky and expensive proposition if attempting to do it on your own. Our team is aware about local and state regulations in each of the states that you will be driving through and adequate liability coverage as mandated by state laws.

As vehicle and boat transporters of Levant region we specialize in moving boats over land and over water and have all the necessary equipment and the knowledge needed to get your vessel to its intended destination in a safe way. Typically, our boat transporter can move any type of boat for you, including power boats, yachts, sail boats, pontoon boats, house boats and jet skis. We offer the best value to our clients in terms of the prices for shipping the boat.